True Love Waits Campaign


Troya 23 May 2012

Mmametlhake Family Care Centre had an opportunity to present True Love Waits at a Senior Secondary School in Troya Village consisting of 272 learners.

The presentation was aimed at all learners and it challenged their moral activities, goal settings and decision making. We are so excited that the learners responded positively. Our heartfelt gratitude to the principal who allowed Mmametlhake Family Care Centre to come and share this inspiring changing message to his school. As it is always when True Love Waits is presented there is no way that youth and adults won’t be challenged to the highest best. This is another way of preventing teen pregnancy, STI’s and HIV.

We can tell that this presentation was a success to these learners; they asked if it can come to their youth gathering so that their peers can have opportunity to see it and change their behaviour. We are looking forward to present it again to their fellow peers in near future.

Motivating Learners at Manoka High School

The acting Principal of Manoka High school in Mametlhake approached the centre needing someone to motivate the Grade 12 students as she observed that they are de-motivated.

On the 31st of May 2012, Pastor France went to that School to do the motivation. The school consists of 18 students of Grade 12. The approach for motivation was from the angle of families, knowing that most students are from disadvantaged families. They needed to be shown that it was not their fault to be born in the kind of families that they are in, as they did not choose to be in that family. Unfortunately, what is happening in families, in most cases, affect students’ concentration so I wanted them to try and see that they have the power in their hands to make their own family better than the family they are in now, through hard work in their studies.

The learners struggle because they have no one who can motivate them and tell them that they can make it. All they hear in most cases is that they are failures and there is nothing good that they can do or achieve. Giving them motivation, knowing that they have the ability to change and there is a bright future ahead of them and it starts right at school. What they need to do is to focus and engage themselves in their studies rather than on sexual activities, alcohol, drugs and other illicit substances.

The response was so great. I had a student who came back to school to improve his subject who had a problem. That day I tried hard to help him and my conviction is that he had clarity. I praise God for that.

Pastor France will be going back the next quarter and address them further.