Guys lies and your response



Guys lie Your response
Everybody’s doing it. Then you should be able to find someone else.  I’m unique and special!!
You’re STILL a virgin! Proudly a virgin.  I can become like you in a second, you can never be a virgin again.
Show me you love me. Show me you love me by waiting for marriage
How can we be sure we can have a baby? Will you only love me if I give you a baby?
You can’t get pregnant the first time. I’ve reached puberty.  Of course I can get pregnant!!
No one will ever know. I’ll know and God will know and you will know.
Don’t worry!  I’ll use a condom. I never worry.  No sex; no worries!!
Do I look like I have AIDS? Do I look like a fool? Everyone knows you can have HIV years before it becomes AIDS.
Let me show you how a great lover does it My great lover will be my spouse.
We’re going to get married anyway. We can wait and make our wedding night wonderful and church can help us be account-able.
Sex is natural. So is death!  I think I will wait for God’s right time for both!!
I’ll find someone else if you won’t. Go looking!!
Smart girls/boys have had lots of experience. SMART girls/boys say “NO” to premarital sex.
I’ll show you all the wonderful techniques With God’s blessing for waiting, sex with my spouse will be heavenly.
We’ll get away with it just this once. I might get away with it physically. I can’t get away from my emotions or my conscience.
It feels SOOOO good! Knowing that God is pleased with me feels SOOOOO much better, I’m sure