Wicked Dr. HIV AIDS


What is your mission in life?

I have come to steal, kill, and destroy!  I like to steal happiness and purpose in people’s life.  I like to destroy family relationships!  I like to KILL!

How do you infect people?

In SA most of the HIV infections are due to any sexual activity that is between a male and a female.   Penetrating sexual contact with an infected sex partner allows the virus to enter the body through the lining of the sex organs.

Why are you so powerful?

Because I am invisible—you cannot see me!

Can people be cured of you?

No, there is no cure!  There is no vaccination.  There is certain death!

What is your real name and what does it mean?

Human Immuno-deficiency Virus/ Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome HIV means the virus that causes AIDS.  This virus attacks the God-given immune system which fights diseases and keeps a person well.  The system becomes weak and the infected person becomes sick. It effects the body’s defence system.  It makes it weak.  The system fails to protect and a collection of various diseases and symptoms attacks the person causing death.

If you are HIV + (positive) do you have AIDS?

No.  AIDS in a youth or adult usually comes 7 – 10 years after the infection of the virus and is when the body can no longer fight diseases.

Why do you defeat and discourage people?

Hopelessness and not taking care of yourself physically cause the disease to progress faster by making a person run down physically and emotionally.

Why do you send out contradictory messages about how to get AIDS?

I have come to KILL and the more I can confuse people, the more people I can cause to be infected!

Why is HIV/AIDS so high in our country?

Ignorance of the disease, behaviour patterns such as sexual promiscuity, unfaithfulness in marriage relationships, peer pressure, unhappy families, rape, incest, stigma, prostitution, poor communication, wrong or misleading messages and lies.

What do you make people feel like when you infect them?

They lose weight, have  swollen glands, persistent yeast infections, skin rashes, short term memory loss, painful nerve diseases like shingles, frequent mouth sores and sores on the genitals, nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, diarrhoea, fatigue, headache, anaemia, liver poison, fever, painful kidney stones, and skin cancers.

How is HIV diagnosed?

You can get your blood tested to show whether you are infected with HIV or not.  The test is called VCT. It is the law that all testing be accompanied by counselling.