Greetings from the MFCC

Our Sponsors, partners in development and international Friendship, Many thanks to you for your support and partnership in making the MFCC such a success. Since the inception of the MFCC in 2005 we have never looked back but continued to strive to engage, educate, support, train and encouraged the communities and families. The work of the MFCC is been direct to the schools, communities and some churches.

Our Outreach Coordinator and Outreach workers are involved combating HIV epidemic and mitigate its impact, while also working to reduce stigma and discrimination. All of them are also involved in establishing true love waits club at schools, life skills and orphans and vulnerable children.

Without any doubt the MFCC has impacted the community and its surrounding positively, other organization are joining forces with the MFCC to work together for the betterment of the community. Through this report I invite you to join me in celebrating the progress of the MFCC. Thanks toyou 2016 was a great year for the MFCC and we look forward to partnering with you again in the years to come.

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The Mmametlhake Family Care Centre is now accepting donations online through the secure PayFast website.  Any donation, no matter how small is accepted and very appreciated. 

Donations are used to fund our HIV prevention outreach events, after-school programs for community children, school holiday camps for local students, and other programs offered through the Centre. 

Larger donations can be made to specific projects that you would like to support

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